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Thank you for visiting my site. I would be honored to capture and create a beautiful wedding video for you. There is so much love and magic surrounds you at this moment of time. You are truly lucky to have found love, and I am very happy for you.


Here is a little info about me: My name is Tonje Cicilie Nordgaard. I am an Award-Winning filmmaker from Norway. I achieved a Master Degree in Film Production from Ohio University in 2000, where I specialized in directing and cinematography. I received awards and for personal documentary subjects, and got praise for the way i communicate and capture live events and scenes from our lives. I have created hundreds of wedding videos since 2002, and they still touch my heart.


with finding love,


You are the miracle of love


" There are so many wonderful moments in life that should be captured. Life and love are beautiful and fragile, and documenting the major events in life, gives you a way to observe the happiness and love you are blessed with. Watching your wedding video later recalls the feelings from that day, and the love and commitment you have for each other will forever be there. 

Nurturing this feeling keeps the love strong forever! 


I love shooting weddings. Seeing the love in your eyes is a miracle every time! I want you to see the beauty and powerful love I see, and enjoy The Movie of Your Love for years to come."    


Your Wedding Video is a Document of your Love. You can always pull it out to remind your self of its power.


                               I am wishing you contniuous blessings and happiness!

Tonje Cicilie Nordgaard

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